Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Gun

We found this article and posted it on our Triggers Page on  It is so well done we wanted to share and blog with you.  Jason from the Basin Firearm Services group did an awesome job compiling the list.  Although, Self Defense is the most obvious and first one represented on this list, we feel the most important is:  It's our Constitutional Right!  It truly is that simple.  The ones that criticize the ones that choose to own, carry and use a gun sometimes fail to forget this as they are trying to change, adjust or get rid of our original rights as Americans.  I go back to the old saying  " use it or loose it".  Knowledge is power, people and it makes us smarter and safer to learn more about this topic, even if you choose not to own a gun.  Thank you Jason and Basin Firearms Services for getting us back to the basics.  Good news to know. 

1. Safety: this may seem like a no-brainer, but really, there seems to be a growing need to protect oneself and family.
2. Ease of obtaining a permit: People in the state may not realize how easy it is to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit.  As long as you meet the general requirements, it is rather inexpensive to obtain the permit.
3. To improve gun safety: Part of becoming a concealed carry permit holder means that you have attended a least a basic course of instruction on how to handle firearms safely (there are so many people who are rather misinformed about guns because of movies and stereotypes).
4. Increase gun knowledge: By regularly carrying concealed, and handling firearms, your knowledge about firearms will increase (i.e. do you know the difference between single-action and double action and the safe and proper storage of firearms?).
5. Exercise a Constitutional right: The U.S. Supreme Court just recently reaffirmed what most American’s already knew; that the right to bear arms isn’t about being a part of a militia.  You have the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
6. For convenience: Now it might sound silly to say that having a Concealed Carry permit is convenient, but think about it for just a second.  If you don’t have a concealed carry permit, it is against the law to travel with your loaded gun(s) in your vehicle, unless they are in plain view.
7. Being a more aware citizen: Carrying a concealed gun means that you are committed to being an active participant in society, and are continuously more aware of your surroundings.
8. Because your life may depend on it: I don’t think that I need to comment on this one.
9. Promote Firearms Awareness: Help to change misconceptions about firearms.
10. Because it just makes sense if you are a gun owner: It's better to be able to legally carry your firearm at all times, than to not have it when you need it most.

Let us know your thoughts on this or even ones to expand the list.  Blog with you soon

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