Sunday, October 9, 2011

HR 822 Get Involved NOW!

Windy and I had to post this.  Let's BLOG!  All gun owners need to READ the bill, it's good for all gun owners to read and know what it stands for.  Don't fall to the false media or claims of this bill.  Basically they are fighting for all states to recognize other states permits of allow us to carry a gun for self defense.  Imagine that, Illinois is the last state to give us that right.  It is so difficult to work your butt off to get the permit, then have to leave it at home if you're traveling through Illinois because you'd be breaking the law.  Wake up Illinois and the rest of America.  We the People, have the power to call our Representatives and get them to vote for HR 822.  Let's see our power.  Click the link and you can read the bill, find your rep and make your voice heard.  Get involved- it's you're right- 2nd Amendment that is. 

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