Monday, October 24, 2011

Conceal and Carry on Campus

We ran across an interesting perspective and for some of us, we may not even ponder unless our kids were headed off to college soon.  The article is from and talks about the Oregon University and it's recent appeal in the Oregon State of Appeals.  The laws did not have to be changed, but what the university can and cannot restrict are what's in question.  The faculty and students are now able to have concealed and carry permitted handguns on campus.  The Oregon University up until now has banned them, however the state is saying they cannot determine that. 

Since we are based out of Missouri, I thought I'd check MU's stand on this.  The state statute for concealed weapons say they are not allowed on school properties as well as state, county and court buildings, and more.  The MUPD representative did state that the University of Missouri also has a "policy" that does not allow weapons on the campus, permitted or not. 

This is a sensitive debate to say the least.  With the rise in crime on campuses, I'd have to say I'm in favor of a right minded, safety driven and permitted individual that is armed to be by my side.  The bad guys are going to find a way around the laws, they don't care, that's their intent anyway. 

Another disturbing thought to this entire blog is I contacted other colleges in different parts of the country and it took me at least three phone calls to get to a person that could answer if there was a policy/statute or not.  Knowledge is power !  Arm yourself with it. 

>Love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Til next time, Pistols & Pumps, LLC

Friday, October 21, 2011

18-20 year old Texans want the right to buy a licensed gun

Pistols and Pumps, LLC and XDM Lounge Weigh in: 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.  I would have thought this was a no brainer, but apparently even though you are considered an adult to fight for our country, vote or even get married and start your life; you cannot purchase a hand gun from a licensed gun store.  We're glad the NRA is standing by you in this case and fighting it til the end.  If we don't use it, we lose it; our 2nd Amendment right, that is.  The government has the faith to distribute military issued weapons to our armed forces at the age of 18. Why is another branch of the government saying they do not have the same right to buy a handgun to protect themselves or their families?  They still have to be good, law abiding, upstanding citizens of the United States, so what is the issue.  Don't know about you, but I'd feel much safer if this demographic of our country had knowledge and the right, especially in Texas.  That's our border state, folks and I'm sure we haven't seen all the incidents these residents are needing protection.  Thanks for the update, NRA we'll keep getting the word out there too.   

From: "NRA-ILA Legal Update

For more information on this case or other cases go to:


NRA Files Appeal of Ruling on Handgun Sales Age LimitsOn Sept. 29, a federal judge in the Northern District of Texas decided in favor of the federal government in a case brought by the NRA challenging the federal restriction on the purchase of handguns by 18-20 year old adults. The case is far from over, as the NRA has already filed an appeal.
In the case, Jennings v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the NRA and a group of responsible young adults argued that since 18-20 year olds are considered adults for virtually every other purpose, such as voting and military service, adults in this age group should also be able to purchase handguns from licensed dealers.
In the ruling, Judge Samuel Cummings wrote "the Court is of the opinion that the ban does not run afoul of the Second Amendment to the Constitution," and wrongly equated law-abiding 20-year-olds with criminals, stating that "the right to bear arms is enjoyed only by those not disqualified from the exercise of the Second Amendment rights."
"We strongly disagree with this ruling," said Chris W. Cox, Executive Director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. "As we said when we filed this case, adults 18 and up have fought and died for American freedom throughout our country's history. They are adults for virtually every legal purpose under federal and state law, and that should include the ability to buy handguns from licensed dealers to defend themselves, their homes and their families. Our fellow plaintiffs in this case are law-abiding and responsible young adults. We plan to defend their rights to the very end."
A similar case, in which many of the same plaintiffs challenge the state of Texas' ban on issuance of Right-to-Carry permits to adults under 21, remains pending in the same court.  That case is Jennings v. McCraw.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Supreme Court is who we should be watching for the future of the Second Amendment

Frank, Thank you for our attention to this one.  Recently, a dear friend sent me this article and about made me load up th car and head to Washington.  Even though the economy, unemployment and housing crisis have seemed to be the issues at hand with Obama in charge, but it's the decisions like this one that a skating under the radar and can make HUGE impacts, not on the next 4 years but our fundementals this country was based on.  If that's not enough to scare you into reading this article, I don't know what will.  When the Supreme Courts justices change, so does the votes with the cases infront of them.  If if was up to our president and those he's put into their responsiblities, our 2nd Amendment will be gone without us even have the opportunity to react. 

We can do something! We can hold our elected officials responsible for what the people they represent want Washington to hear.  Keep an eye on this friends, because it would be a sad day for America if we couldn't have the right to own a gun.

See you again soon, just keeping you up to date with what's out there in the media.   

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Gun

We found this article and posted it on our Triggers Page on  It is so well done we wanted to share and blog with you.  Jason from the Basin Firearm Services group did an awesome job compiling the list.  Although, Self Defense is the most obvious and first one represented on this list, we feel the most important is:  It's our Constitutional Right!  It truly is that simple.  The ones that criticize the ones that choose to own, carry and use a gun sometimes fail to forget this as they are trying to change, adjust or get rid of our original rights as Americans.  I go back to the old saying  " use it or loose it".  Knowledge is power, people and it makes us smarter and safer to learn more about this topic, even if you choose not to own a gun.  Thank you Jason and Basin Firearms Services for getting us back to the basics.  Good news to know. 

1. Safety: this may seem like a no-brainer, but really, there seems to be a growing need to protect oneself and family.
2. Ease of obtaining a permit: People in the state may not realize how easy it is to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit.  As long as you meet the general requirements, it is rather inexpensive to obtain the permit.
3. To improve gun safety: Part of becoming a concealed carry permit holder means that you have attended a least a basic course of instruction on how to handle firearms safely (there are so many people who are rather misinformed about guns because of movies and stereotypes).
4. Increase gun knowledge: By regularly carrying concealed, and handling firearms, your knowledge about firearms will increase (i.e. do you know the difference between single-action and double action and the safe and proper storage of firearms?).
5. Exercise a Constitutional right: The U.S. Supreme Court just recently reaffirmed what most American’s already knew; that the right to bear arms isn’t about being a part of a militia.  You have the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
6. For convenience: Now it might sound silly to say that having a Concealed Carry permit is convenient, but think about it for just a second.  If you don’t have a concealed carry permit, it is against the law to travel with your loaded gun(s) in your vehicle, unless they are in plain view.
7. Being a more aware citizen: Carrying a concealed gun means that you are committed to being an active participant in society, and are continuously more aware of your surroundings.
8. Because your life may depend on it: I don’t think that I need to comment on this one.
9. Promote Firearms Awareness: Help to change misconceptions about firearms.
10. Because it just makes sense if you are a gun owner: It's better to be able to legally carry your firearm at all times, than to not have it when you need it most.

Let us know your thoughts on this or even ones to expand the list.  Blog with you soon

Sunday, October 9, 2011

HR 822 Get Involved NOW!

Windy and I had to post this.  Let's BLOG!  All gun owners need to READ the bill, it's good for all gun owners to read and know what it stands for.  Don't fall to the false media or claims of this bill.  Basically they are fighting for all states to recognize other states permits of allow us to carry a gun for self defense.  Imagine that, Illinois is the last state to give us that right.  It is so difficult to work your butt off to get the permit, then have to leave it at home if you're traveling through Illinois because you'd be breaking the law.  Wake up Illinois and the rest of America.  We the People, have the power to call our Representatives and get them to vote for HR 822.  Let's see our power.  Click the link and you can read the bill, find your rep and make your voice heard.  Get involved- it's you're right- 2nd Amendment that is. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pistols and Pumps XDM Lounge: Awesome New Book...Chicks With Guns, by Lindsay McCrum

Pistols and Pumps XDM Lounge: Awesome New Book...Chicks With Guns, by Lindsay McCrum

Awesome New Book...Chicks With Guns, by Lindsay McCrum

Pistols and Pumps have been busy moving product across the country as well as defining our mark in this industry.  We first wish to thank Springfield Armory for their advertising sponsorship of our blog.  We will be posting on a more frequent basis and would love to have your input, so all my friends...Happy Blogging. :)

Ok folks, men or women, you need to check out this new book, Chicks with Guns.  It's a unique approach to showing the world the ladies who love their guns and why.  It's really an artistic and personal approach to the view point of being a gun owner versus a political one. 

There were two women in particular that stood out in the book, however each lady and her choice of weapon had a special meaning and the common factor of all of them was safety and comfortability with their gun.  Which in anyone's eyes should be profound.  It's knowledge that's power, not necessarily the weapon. 

One woman, is pictures with a shotgun in one hand and her young son on her hip in the other.  Naysayers could tear that one apart, however it's her explaination that makes it powerful.  Her grandpa gave her the gun, her dad taught her how to shoot and she will in the future pass it down to her son.  As she describes, it translates to something much deeper, connection to family, respect for guns, respect for nature and respect for humans.  Wow, aren't those lessons that we all wish to pass to our children. 

The other woman that stands out was Elena from Oregon.  Single mom of 2, and proud and I will add, RESPONSIBLE gun owner.  She talks of a story of taking her 7 and 8 year olds out shooting to show them the impact it could have.  She did this because, kids are kids, and they will get into almost anything, especially if you tell them not to.  She goes on to explain that they were scared at first by the loudness as well as the impact it had on the watermelon that was shot.  But it truly showed them the powerfulness of the weapon and the immediate results just one shot could have.  She too, spoke a lot about safety, how to store it with kids in the home and how to be a responsible gun owner. 

Very impressed by this book, regardless of where these ladies were from, regardless of which gun they owned, they all were passionate about their rights, their weapon and their lives.  Great book, thank you Lindsay McCrum for opening the world's eyes to the women of this industry.  America is better off with armed ladies and ladies that know how to use their weapons.