Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awesome New Book...Chicks With Guns, by Lindsay McCrum

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Ok folks, men or women, you need to check out this new book, Chicks with Guns.  It's a unique approach to showing the world the ladies who love their guns and why.  It's really an artistic and personal approach to the view point of being a gun owner versus a political one. 

There were two women in particular that stood out in the book, however each lady and her choice of weapon had a special meaning and the common factor of all of them was safety and comfortability with their gun.  Which in anyone's eyes should be profound.  It's knowledge that's power, not necessarily the weapon. 

One woman, is pictures with a shotgun in one hand and her young son on her hip in the other.  Naysayers could tear that one apart, however it's her explaination that makes it powerful.  Her grandpa gave her the gun, her dad taught her how to shoot and she will in the future pass it down to her son.  As she describes, it translates to something much deeper, connection to family, respect for guns, respect for nature and respect for humans.  Wow, aren't those lessons that we all wish to pass to our children. 

The other woman that stands out was Elena from Oregon.  Single mom of 2, and proud and I will add, RESPONSIBLE gun owner.  She talks of a story of taking her 7 and 8 year olds out shooting to show them the impact it could have.  She did this because, kids are kids, and they will get into almost anything, especially if you tell them not to.  She goes on to explain that they were scared at first by the loudness as well as the impact it had on the watermelon that was shot.  But it truly showed them the powerfulness of the weapon and the immediate results just one shot could have.  She too, spoke a lot about safety, how to store it with kids in the home and how to be a responsible gun owner. 

Very impressed by this book, regardless of where these ladies were from, regardless of which gun they owned, they all were passionate about their rights, their weapon and their lives.  Great book, thank you Lindsay McCrum for opening the world's eyes to the women of this industry.  America is better off with armed ladies and ladies that know how to use their weapons. 

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