Monday, March 18, 2013

VP Joe Biden tells his wife in the event of an intruder, "Run outside on the deck with your shotgun and shoot two rounds into the air!"...

I can't imagine a more irresponsible piece of advice from our 2nd in command...

We have checked with the authorities... It's illegal to run outside and shoot your weapons into the air aiming at an unknown target in the darkness.  

In the news this month, a Virginia man  followed the Vice Presidents advice and shoot his gun through his door because he thought there was a suspicious person on his lawn. He is facing charges one of which are reckless handling of a firearm.  

Republican,  Democrat or Independent... It's illegal, irresponsible, and unthinkable to fire your weapon into the air, outside in the darkness, toward an unknown target.  I find it highly hypocritical that Biden is urging congress to further restrictions on gun owners, punishing the irresponsible and then tells his wife to run outside into the darkness and fire her shotgun.  You would think he would encourage ladies to get trained, take aim and abide by their state laws when facing an intruder since  20+ states have the "Castle Doctrine".   I hear from pro-gunners that you should  be trained, be educated, and know how to use a firearm and have a target in sight.  

This is how fatal accidents happen:  
A scared, trigger happy lady shooting into her neighborhood off her back deck... Kills a dog, her neighbor or even a child.  

Great advise Joe...


Monday, March 11, 2013

A war on women?

I'm very confused as to why there is a war on women when it comes to our 2nd amendment rights...Women?

The majority of these crimes against humanity are committed by young men… Why are we not digging into our broken health care system, community profiling,  seeking out the criminally and mentally insane? Women have been using weapons to protect themselves, their  families and their properties as far back as America's first days. 

I would pose a thought; the anti-gunners are tapping into the emotional side of a woman, playing on her fears, playing on her instincts as a mother to lay her weapons down for the greater good of the community. But the truth is that we are strong,  educated, competent, and ready to protect our families by tapping into the primal part of being a mother.  We recognize that there are real fears, real crimes being committed, and real threats against our families, everywhere. Women use weapons every day to compete, to hunt, for recreation, and protection. 

Weapons have always been here, have always been a part of our society, have played a role in our tradition.  So I ask you, what has changed? The answer is, our culture. The breakdown of the American family. No role models, no protection of our children, no personal responsibility and a society that has turned our children over to video games, violence, and  drugs... Complete abandonment...

We need to take a real, unemotional approach to gun violence.  We need to put the focus of gun violence where it belongs: the criminally and mentally insane. 

No matter the debate, the facts are that the choice to own and carry a weapon, legally, is my right.  And isn't that what the left is all about? Choices?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's up in Colorado?

Colorado State politicians introduced a bill that would hold distributors, manufacturers and owners civilly liable for crimes committed with semi-automatic firearms. Proponents of the bill are hoping it will force gun manufacturers and retailers to invest more in background checks, discourage gun sales in the state and lead to a decrease in illegal sales.
It may become a reality that makers can be sued for crimes committed with these "stolen" weapons. 

Bolt-action rifles, hand guns and shot guns are exempt from this bill.

Democrats, who hold a majority in both houses of the Colorado Legislature, also urged passage of bills to ban sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines and to extend background checks for gun purchases....

How far up the line will these politicians take their war on guns before they put the blame where it belongs? On the criminals... How about: Stricter punishment for criminals that steal these weapons and use them in a crime? Why are we holding manufacturers responsible for crimes they didn't commit? With this logic, we should ban prescription drugs for overdoses and cars for traffic accidents...

In 2005, President Bush signed a federal statute stating that the manufacturer and the owner is not held liable for any crimes committed by a criminal when/if their gun has been stolen. 

Is imposing liability on gun shop owners and manufacturers fair?… The government can't burden your rights so they will indeed burden the manufacturers with liability. The government will make it difficult and costly to do business in Colorado and before you know it we will have more crimes committed. If passed, our courts will be jammed with civil suits against manufactures, distributors and owners. 

Will the cost of an insurance policy outweigh the cost of gun ownership for the law abiding citizen... Preventing American citizens from exercising their 2nd amendment rights? 

I cant wait to pay $1,000.00 per bullet...This is just one more way the government is chipping away at your rights...