Monday, October 24, 2011

Conceal and Carry on Campus

We ran across an interesting perspective and for some of us, we may not even ponder unless our kids were headed off to college soon.  The article is from and talks about the Oregon University and it's recent appeal in the Oregon State of Appeals.  The laws did not have to be changed, but what the university can and cannot restrict are what's in question.  The faculty and students are now able to have concealed and carry permitted handguns on campus.  The Oregon University up until now has banned them, however the state is saying they cannot determine that. 

Since we are based out of Missouri, I thought I'd check MU's stand on this.  The state statute for concealed weapons say they are not allowed on school properties as well as state, county and court buildings, and more.  The MUPD representative did state that the University of Missouri also has a "policy" that does not allow weapons on the campus, permitted or not. 

This is a sensitive debate to say the least.  With the rise in crime on campuses, I'd have to say I'm in favor of a right minded, safety driven and permitted individual that is armed to be by my side.  The bad guys are going to find a way around the laws, they don't care, that's their intent anyway. 

Another disturbing thought to this entire blog is I contacted other colleges in different parts of the country and it took me at least three phone calls to get to a person that could answer if there was a policy/statute or not.  Knowledge is power !  Arm yourself with it. 

>Love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Til next time, Pistols & Pumps, LLC

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