Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Supreme Court is who we should be watching for the future of the Second Amendment

Frank, Thank you for our attention to this one.  Recently, a dear friend sent me this article and about made me load up th car and head to Washington.  Even though the economy, unemployment and housing crisis have seemed to be the issues at hand with Obama in charge, but it's the decisions like this one that a skating under the radar and can make HUGE impacts, not on the next 4 years but our fundementals this country was based on.  If that's not enough to scare you into reading this article, I don't know what will.  When the Supreme Courts justices change, so does the votes with the cases infront of them.  If if was up to our president and those he's put into their responsiblities, our 2nd Amendment will be gone without us even have the opportunity to react. 

We can do something! We can hold our elected officials responsible for what the people they represent want Washington to hear.  Keep an eye on this friends, because it would be a sad day for America if we couldn't have the right to own a gun.

See you again soon, just keeping you up to date with what's out there in the media.   

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