Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CCW age lowered to 21

In Missouri, the house passed bill 294.  This is a pro gun omnibus bill.  It, along with many other changes, will allow you to get a CCW permit at the age of 21.  Governor Jay Nixon has yet to pass or veto, he has until July 9th.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Revealing Gun Owners Identity...

State Officials in Illinois were asked by the attorney general, Lisa Madigan, to release a list of registered gun owners.  Would publishing this list put potential victims at risk and give the criminals the edge?

School Shootings...

Looking back over the last few years, we have had a string of school shootings... Should we allow guns on school grounds?  Would you feel safer if you knew that your child attended a pro gun school?

Gun Show

Join Pistolsandpumps.com as we rock another Metcalf gun show this weekend in St.Charles, Missouri.  We will be at the Family Arena and look forward to visiting with you!  We will have our Official Pistols and Pumps Gear for sale along with a few of our new pink Browning Shooting Accessories!  Hope to see you there!