Monday, March 18, 2013

VP Joe Biden tells his wife in the event of an intruder, "Run outside on the deck with your shotgun and shoot two rounds into the air!"...

I can't imagine a more irresponsible piece of advice from our 2nd in command...

We have checked with the authorities... It's illegal to run outside and shoot your weapons into the air aiming at an unknown target in the darkness.  

In the news this month, a Virginia man  followed the Vice Presidents advice and shoot his gun through his door because he thought there was a suspicious person on his lawn. He is facing charges one of which are reckless handling of a firearm.  

Republican,  Democrat or Independent... It's illegal, irresponsible, and unthinkable to fire your weapon into the air, outside in the darkness, toward an unknown target.  I find it highly hypocritical that Biden is urging congress to further restrictions on gun owners, punishing the irresponsible and then tells his wife to run outside into the darkness and fire her shotgun.  You would think he would encourage ladies to get trained, take aim and abide by their state laws when facing an intruder since  20+ states have the "Castle Doctrine".   I hear from pro-gunners that you should  be trained, be educated, and know how to use a firearm and have a target in sight.  

This is how fatal accidents happen:  
A scared, trigger happy lady shooting into her neighborhood off her back deck... Kills a dog, her neighbor or even a child.  

Great advise Joe...


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