Tuesday, April 2, 2013

70 million Americans own a gun.

That's 1 in 3...

This country is special in many ways but one major way comes to mind.  The government trusts us to own, handle, and carry a weapon.  This relationship has gone back as far as the birth of our country.

The shame of the gun debate these days are that the very people who own, handle and carry a weapon everyday; men, women, liberal and conservative... are not consulted in the public arena.  We have a war on our basic fundamental rights and congress speaks with victims of gun violence, retailers, the NRA and anti-gunners...

Where is the voice for the every day gal... like me?  The law abiding citizen who owns, handles and carries a weapon, legally.  WHERE IS MY VOICE?  I don't have a steak in politics and I'm not a victim.

One responsible, trained, educated proud American.

"Adam Lanza commits a crime and I'm here to beg for my rights"...
-Robert Steed.  Connecticut gun owner, speaking before CT lawmakers today.

CT lawmakers agree to stricter gun laws.  If passed tomorrow, CT will have the strictest gun laws in the country..


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