Monday, March 11, 2013

A war on women?

I'm very confused as to why there is a war on women when it comes to our 2nd amendment rights...Women?

The majority of these crimes against humanity are committed by young men… Why are we not digging into our broken health care system, community profiling,  seeking out the criminally and mentally insane? Women have been using weapons to protect themselves, their  families and their properties as far back as America's first days. 

I would pose a thought; the anti-gunners are tapping into the emotional side of a woman, playing on her fears, playing on her instincts as a mother to lay her weapons down for the greater good of the community. But the truth is that we are strong,  educated, competent, and ready to protect our families by tapping into the primal part of being a mother.  We recognize that there are real fears, real crimes being committed, and real threats against our families, everywhere. Women use weapons every day to compete, to hunt, for recreation, and protection. 

Weapons have always been here, have always been a part of our society, have played a role in our tradition.  So I ask you, what has changed? The answer is, our culture. The breakdown of the American family. No role models, no protection of our children, no personal responsibility and a society that has turned our children over to video games, violence, and  drugs... Complete abandonment...

We need to take a real, unemotional approach to gun violence.  We need to put the focus of gun violence where it belongs: the criminally and mentally insane. 

No matter the debate, the facts are that the choice to own and carry a weapon, legally, is my right.  And isn't that what the left is all about? Choices?


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